Mystic Cornhole Company began in Mystic, Connecticut in 2013. We have moved production to Jacksonville, Florida but Mystic is always in our heart. We pride ourselves on our unique design work, quality wood and a personal connection to our clients. Each order starts with a conversation. We listen, then we design.

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 All Products are Made In America  


Take pride in your cornhole set.  Mystic Cornhole Company sets are built tough.  We use premium 2×4 framing studs for the frames and Grade A 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood for the decks.  Why?  Well, it’s not just so that your friends can climb on them.  A heavy duty board doesn’t bounce around when you throw a 1lb bag of corn at it from 30 feet away.  And a board that sits still means better play.

 We also assemble our boards utilizing pocket hole joinery.  Why?  Because that means no holes to fill on the deck surface.  This leaves an ultra smooth uninterrupted wood playing surface.  

 We make our legs a couple of inches longer than the national guys and extend them out behind the boards when fully open.  Why?  This enhances the stability of the board.  

All of these little extras mean superior play-ability.  So you can take pride in your set. 

Contact Us:

Mystic Cornhole Company
6000 Philips Hwy Ste 5 Jacksonville, FL 32216
+1.214-457-2470 | info@mysticcornholecompany.com


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